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Farran Equipment Company, Inc was established in 1984 and has since grown to be a leading equipment and service provider in the Concrete Pumping industry. Serving clients across the United States and overseas, Farran Equipment Company specializes in all things concrete from pumps and parts to hose, tools, and service. Located in North Charleston, South Carolina Farran Equipment Company is dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Russ Smith


Russ Smith, founder and CEO, built Farran Equipment Company from the ground up. With a professional background in mechanical engineering, Russ provides Farran Equipment Company, Inc with an innate knowledge of concrete pumping mechanics.



Tayler Smith

Service Manager

Tayler has spent his whole life around concrete pumps; and with over 15 years of experience diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining these machines, he has become an industry leader in service.



Farran Equipment Company, Inc offers a full line of trailer mounted hydraulic concrete pumps to meet the specific industry standard needs of our clients. Please feel free to contact us regarding what pump is right for you.

(843) 552-6433

New Pumps

Whether you are a mason, poolbuilder, or general contractor, Farran Equipment Company can match you with the right machine... tailored to your unique specifications. Don’t get bogged down with the wrong equipment, call us today to discover the right pump for you!

Used Pumps

At Farran Equipment Company, we understand that buying a new piece of equipment is not always in the budget. This is why we offer (when available) precision used pumps for a fraction of the price of a new piece of machinery. Used pumps sell fast, so call us today for availability.

Rebuilt Pumps

Every concrete pump that Farran Equipment Company rebuilds is reconditioned to factory specifications and is warrantied the same as a new pump. When working with a budget, a Farran Equipment Company rebuilt concrete pump is your best economical solution.

Our Most Popular Lines

Reinert ZR-430


Reinert XR-536


Imer Booster20


Transcrete Alpha Max-35


Western Predator



Know Your Pumps

Whether you're looking to buy new, used, or bebuilt.... understanding the specific design intent of each machine is critical. Call us today to discuss which machine is best suited to fit your pumping needs. Below is a short list of the more common small line pumps we deal with, along with their intended uses.

The Tiger

The TIGER is your top of the line general purpose concrete pump. Small, powerful, lightweight, easy to use, simple to clean, almost indestructable. This pump costs little more than a ball valve machine, yet it offers all the benefits of any hydraulic pump, with 950 psi and an output of 25 yds/hr.

The Tiger 'MP'

The TIGER MP is specifically designed for masons. Pumping less volume with a higher line pressure, the TIGER MP has the ability to pump further distances at greater heights. Smaller material cylinders with less reduction in line pressure produce 1125 psi with an output of 22 yds/hr.

The Tiger Shark

The TIGER SHARK is designed for the general purpose contractor who needs “variable displacement”, allowing for better control over longer distances, including slump control. With 950 psi and an output of 25 yds/hr, the TIGER SHARK is perfect for pool builders and shotcreters.

The Tiger Shark 'Attack'

The Tiger Shark ‘Attack’ is a revolutionary concrete pump built strictly for pool builders, equipped with “variable displacement” control. Pushing lower volume at a higher pressure, this can pump very low slump concrete at distances up to 250’ through 2” hose.

The Scorpion

This is the pump that virtually created the small line pumping revolution with features that leave all other machines in the past. The SCORPION is a 35 yrd/hr, 1250 psi, high pressure powerhouse. This machine is built to pump HIGH volume in a short time.

Reinert ZR-430

The Reinert ZR-430 is built with the mason in mind. Ideal for block-fill, small slabs, and footers, this 650 psi pump delivers 0-22 cubic yards per hour with a 32.5 hp diesel engine. Designed to be used with grout and pea-rock mixes.

Reinert XR-536

The Reinert XR-536 is a general purpose concrete pump designed for shotcrete, pea-rock, and structural mixes. Ideal for pumping slabs, block-fill, and shotcrete while delivering 36 cubic yards per hour with 1200 psi. Equiped with optional 60/80 hp engine.

Mayco MG-30

The Mayco MG-30 is built for high volume applications and is suitable for plaster, stucco, pool finish, grout, slab-jacking. This pump delivers 6.7 cubic yards per hour with a 35-hp Hatz Diesel Engine. Equipped with a 12-cubic-foot per minute (340 liters) Quincy air compressor.

Transcrete Trojan-Series

With an output volume of 40-70 cubic yards per hour and a maximum aggregate size of 1 1/2", the Trojan series is well suited for slabs, shotcrete, masonry and pressure grouting. Equipped with a variable volume piston pump and solid state cycling.

Farran Equipment Company, Inc is the official DY Boom Pump dealer for the Southeastern United States. Offering a wide range of Boom and Chassis options, Farran Equipment can provide the perfect DY Boom Pump tailored to the specific needs and standards of any operation. For more information regarding the DY line of Boom Pumps and how they can work for you, please contact us today...

(843) 552-6433

Designed With the Operator In Mind.


When it comes to boom pumps, the ability to maintain your investment is vital. Farran Equipment Company and DY Concrete Pumps have a mutual dedication to providing the highest level of service in the industry. When you invest in a DY Boom Pump through Farran Equipment Company, you gain access to 24/7 service and technical support, strategically located parts warehouses within the United States, and a local dealer capable of servicing your machine. No waiting on parts to ship from overseas! No driving to Canada to maintain your pump!

With Farran Equipment Company as an official dealer, service facility, and parts supplier, you can make the leap from small line pumping to boom pumping. We have the facility to perform your routine maintenance and we have the replacement and wear parts on hand to minimize downtime. Let us help your business grow to the next level.

The DY line of boom pumps contains 10 different boom options and 6 different chassis options, with more in the works. This means you have over 60 different ways of customizing a DY boom pump to fit your specific needs.

Already own an Alliance, Concord, Putzmeister, or Schwing? The majority of wear and replacement parts for these boom pumps are interchangeable with DY and are on hand at Farran! Call us today to discuss how we can help you grow and maintain your Boom Pumping business.

(843) 552-6433


Farran Equipment is also an authorized dealer for:


Need to replace a worn out or malfunctioning part? Farran Equipment Company carries a full line of concrete pump parts and accessories. From o-rings to swing tubes, we carry parts for Reinert, Transcrete, Mayco, Ball Valve and Plaster pumps.

Now that Farran Equipment Company is the official southeastern dealer for DY Concrete Pumps, we have instock all of your DY boom pump replacement and wear parts. No need to wait for overseas shipping! Own an Alliance, Concord, Putzmeister, or Schwing? The majority of wear and replacement parts for these boom pumps are interchangeable with DY and are on hand at Farran!

(843) 552-6433


Farran Equipment Company stocks a wide range of tools and accessories specifically designed for concrete professionals. Whether you are a mason, pool builder, shotcreter, or general contractor, we can provide you with the quality tools and time-saving accessories you need to increase your efficiency and quality of work.

Need a custom nozzle? No problem! We also manufacture custom pipes and elbows. Whatever you need to get the job done....we've got you covered!

(843) 552-6433


Featured Products

Smooth Move

SUPER SLICK. SUPER QUICK. Prime your hose quick, easy, and cheap! Add half a pack of Smooth Move to 5 gallons of water, stir 5 minutes, and you are ready to prime!


Quality clamps are a pumper’s necessity. Farran Equipment company maintains a complete inventory of every size clamp. From 2” grooved to 6” heavy duty, Farran Equipment Company has the clamps you need to get the job done. Keep plenty in-stock for your crew.

Shotcrete Nozzles

If you shoot shotcrete, then Farran Equipment Company has the equipment you need. With a full line of shotcrete equipment, we’re your one-stop center for better savings. From standard nozzles to shotcrete hose, Farran Equipment Company stocks what you need, in the sizes you need, to get you back on the job faster.


This product is nontoxic, noncaustic, and biodegradable. When sprayed on hardened dry concrete, it attacks the bonding properties of the cement used in the concrete; and within a short time (depending on the thickness of the concrete), softens and releases the build-up from whatever surface it has attached.


Ideal for shotcrete and masonry contractors, this product stops the twisting associated with pulling your hose around the job. Made of high strength plated steel (smaller sizes available in aluminum), each are permanently sealed with a patented 4-seal design.

Clean Out Balls

Hose is expensive!...Don't let dried concrete destroy thousands of dollars of it. Keep plenty of Clean Out Balls on hand for your crew. Made of high density foam, this product is durable, efficient, and an inexpensive way of prolonging the life of your hose.

(Available in multiple sizes)

Plaster Nozzles

Equipped with a swivel, a heavy duty stainless steel cam-lock, and a full line of orifices and shields, these plaster nozzles can be custom cut for your desired length. Available in 1", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2" sizes.

Gunite Wire

Has over 300,000 P.S.I. breaking strength. It will not break under the pressure of the cement gun Basic 20 gauge (.035”) 300 feet to the pound. 1,350 FT per Box. No more bulky hard to handle rolls to get tangled and thrown away as a complete loss.

Clean-Out Hooks

An absolute necessity when needing to clean-out back into a redi-mix truck, these clean-out hooks extend your reach by 7' and allow you to empty your hose and hopper when a dump site is not available. Made out of light weight steel and fastened to your hose with a 2" clamp.

Wall Hooks

Tired of the strain of holding heavy hose while filling block? Hold your hose in place with a wall hook and eliminate those issues. Equipped with a "simple-swivel" for manageability and a curved steel outlet for ease of flow, the wall hook allows you to focus on efficiency.


Clean-Out Cubes

Clean-Out Cubes are a one-size fits all, high density foam product for the budget minded pumper who wants something better than newspaper or the left-over primer bag. Tough and reusable, these cubes will extend the life of your hose while saving your wallet.

Hose Primer

Want an easy alternative to powdered primer? Mix 1 2oz. bottle of SuperLube 100 with 5 gal. of water, wait a few minutes, then pour in your hose or hopper. No dust. No mess. Cheaper than cement powder. Environmentally safe and compatible with all concrete materials.

Beam Rods

The pool builder's tool for cutting and shaping concrete. Available in multiple sizes. Your preference of mahogany, aluminum, or magnesium.

Heavy Duty Gunite Trowels

Custom fabricated for Farran Equipment Company, this heavy duty trowel trowel is designed to last. Equippped with a thicker blade, longer spine, and the rivets left intact. Available in 12" & 14".

Clean Out Rods

Cleaning out your swing tube is important, but dangerous. Don't ever stick your hand down an outlet.... use a Clean Out Rod instead! Made of steel and shaped specifically for cleaning that hard to get concrete, a Clean Out Rod is a great addition to your washout procedure.

Blow-Out Caps

Tired of the "break & shake" method for cleaning out hose? Blow-Out Caps are available with a standard air, chicago, or npt hose fitting and are constructed of cast steel and brass for durability and corrosion resistance. These are a "must have" in the concrete pumping industry!

Reducers & Elbows

Farran Equipment offers a full line of reducers and elbows for a completely customizable concrete pumping system. Different jobs present the need for different pumping strategies, don‘t get stuck without the right equipment!

Pool Tools

Fresnos, Trowels, Step Tools, Beam Rods, Floats... Everything a pool builder/plasterer needs. Blue Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated... take your pick. Need No-Burn trowels? No problem. Shotcrete & Plaster Nozzles too! Don‘t forget about Gunite Wire.

Farran Equipment Company provides full service maintenance and repairs for all small line concrete pumps. Our qualified professionals are experts in engine, hydraulic system, and electrical repair as well as fabrication for damaged parts. Whatever the problem, Farran Equipment Company can find it, fix it, and get you back on the job fast.

Need to schedule a service? Call us today at:

(843) 552-6433


Please call us with questions about our rates or to schedule a service.


Having the right pump is nothing without having the right hose. Farran Equipment Company offers a full line of concrete pump hoses and fittings for the specific needs of all concrete pumping professionals. We keep a complete stock of all hoses and sizes in house, ready to cut and couple.

Fabric | Steel Wire | Non-Marking

3/4” - 1” - 1 1/4” - 1 1/2” - 2” - 2 1/2” - 3” - 4” - 5”

Threaded | Grooved | Heavy Duty

Don't forget Reducers, Elbows, Hose Primer, & Blow-Out Caps!

(843) 552-6433

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions regarding Pumps, Parts, or Service please do not hesitate to drop us a line.


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