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Boom Specifications – Roll-and-Z-Fold Design

Height & Reach48x-5rz 
Vertical reach47.5 m155′ 10″
Horizontal reach43.2 m141′ 9″
Reach from front of truck40.66 m133′ 5″
Reach depth34.1 m111′ 11″
Unfolding height10.4 m34′ 1″
Boom Section Articulation 
1st section articulation92 °
2nd section articulation180 °
3rd section articulation180 °
4th section articulation245 °
5th section articulation250 °

Boom Section Length  
1st section length9.5 m31′ 2″
2nd section length7.8 m25′ 7"
3rd section length7.7 m25′ 3″
4th section length9 m29′ 6″
5th section length9.4 m30′ 10"
General Specs 
Pipeline size (ID) metric ends125 mm5″
Rotation360 degree
End hose – length3.5 m11’ 6″
End hose – diameter125 mm5″
Front Outrigger Spread: X-style, telescope & extend down8.87 m29′ 1″
Rear Outrigger Spread: Swing & extend down9.6 m31′ 6"

Pump Specifications

OutputRod side
Piston side
160 m3/hr
108 m3/hr
209 yd3/hr
141 yd3/hr
PressureRod side
Piston side
87 bar
130 bar
1,262 psi
1,886 psi
Material cylinder diameter230 mm9″
Stroke length2100 mm6’11”
Max strokesPer minute
Rod side
Piston side
1 minute
Volume controlZero to full
Vibrator StandardOption
Hard-chromed material cylindersStandard
Hydraulic systemClosed-loop
Hydraulic system pressure350 bar5,075 psi
Differential cylinder diameter140 mm5.5″
Rod diameter80 mm3″
Maximum size aggregate60 mm2.4″

48-Meter RZ Concrete Boom Pump

The 48X-5RZ concrete boom pump offers the optimal size and range for commercial and industrial concrete pouring projects. This powerful, highly advanced, five-section concrete boom pump is equipped with a 360-degree continuous swing boom for maximum flexibility and mobility at the job site, along with innovative X-style outriggers for superior truck stability in even the most challenging work environments, making it the ideal choice for reach concrete pumping. You’ll be able to meet any project demand and complete jobs more quickly and efficiently than ever.

Brief Synopsis of 48-Meter Concrete Boom Technical Specifications

The 48X-5RZ weighs approximately 74,000 lbs. and is equipped with a 211-gallon water tank. The concrete boom’s reach from the front of the vehicle is 133’ 5”, the reach depth equals 111’ 11” and the boom unfolding height is 34’ 1”. The five-section concrete boom pump features the following length breakdown:


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At DY Concrete Pumps, we take pride in our ability to sell high-quality products at competitive prices. Our strategic partnership with DY Korea means we can offer the world’s best concrete boom pumps to construction operations of all types throughout North America. With more than 30 years of concrete pump expertise, you can count on us to have well-designed products that will solve your biggest concrete mixing and pouring challenges and exceed your performance expectations.

Whether you need technical support, start-up assistance or fast parts delivery, we’re always just a quick phone call away. Our staff also includes skilled field technicians who can provide reliable in-person support when needed.

To learn more about our five-section concrete boom pumps or to receive a customized quote, just call us today at (843) 552-6433.

Pump Working Range

Photos and drawings are for illustrative purposes only. Dimensions will vary with different truck makes, models and specifications. For available options, please contact the factory.

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