The Reinert XR-536

Manufacturer: Reinert

Category: General Purpose

The XR-536 is the Ultimate small line concrete pump! If you fill block, pour footings, foundations, columns, walls or small slabs, this is the best machine ever designed for those purposes. This pump is small, lightweight, easy to tow, easy to set up, quick to clean up, very powerful, able to pump any mix that will go through a small hose, and very reliable. That's right, reliable! adjective not usually associated with concrete pumps!

This machine is built with absolutely no internal reduction, giving it amazing rough mix capability. It has no proximity switches, relays, shift solenoids, black boxes or other dreaded electrical components that plague the competitors. The XR-536 has the only manual override of the "pump function" in the industry, the only swing-away hopper, a 74 hp turbo diesel motor, and a variable volume piston hydraulic pump. All of this and a full-function radio remote control, LED lights, electric brakes and the least expensive price in the industry.

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