The Alpha Max-35

Manufacturer: Transcrete America

Category: General Purpose | Shotcrete

The new 2020 Alpha Max-35 is an advanced, high pressure concrete pump built exclusively for Farran Equipment Company. Designed for the shotcrete industry, it brings state-of the art power, hydraulics, and custom hopper design to the pool industry. Capable of handling low slump mixes, “rough” mixes, and long pushes, this machine is the latest design in compact, lightweight, efficient shotcrete pumps at a bargain price! Features such as a 74HP tier 4 final diesel, a closed loop hydraulic system (typically found on much more expensive machines), a super duty cooling system, electronic cycling, and a full compliment of towing items, make this pump one of the very best shotcrete units on the market! Small, compact, lightweight, easy to tow, easy to set up, very easy to clean out and care for; Amazingly powerful, smooth shifting, & one of most competitively priced machines anywhere for shotcrete!



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