The Imer Booster20

Manufacturer: Imer

Category: General Purpose / Shotcrete

Born in Italy, where tight spaces dictate the need for compact design, the Booster20 is the European answer to the question of how to put BIG power in a small package. The tight European streets and lack of 4x4 trucks created the need for a lightweight, well balanced machine that could be utilized in the smallest of spaces while still packing a punch! Powerful enough to pump distances of 800', but light and well balanced enough to be pushed around a shop one-handed, the Booster20 utilizes a specific combination of physics and ingenuity to compete with pumps almost twice its size.

So how does the Booster20 pump such long distances? By maximizing the ratio of piston face pressure to horsepower. The Booster20 is equipped with 4.5” concrete cylinders, which are small compared to larger pumps, but this size difference allows for the generation of 1000psi of piston face pressure! The smaller the internal diameter of a concrete cylinder, the more piston face pressure an engine can generate and the further it can pump. And considering the Booster20 has a 4” outlet, that means there is only 0.5” of internal reduction the concrete experiences before entering the hose, so there is little effect on the yards per hour the engine can produce.

If you are a General Purpose Concrete Pumper, then chances are you use a 2” line; and if so, you are aware that the limiting factor to the amount of yards per hour you can pour is ultimately dictated by the size of line you are using. If not, then you should know that a 2” line is limited to around 25 yards per hour. The Booster20 is a 20 yard per hour pump, so using a 2” line will never be a limiting factor like it would be for a 35 or 50 yard per hour pump. Larger pumps cost significantly more money; and if you predominantly use a 2” line, then that money has been wasted!

So how does the Booster20 fare in the cost department? Coming in under $55, is the least expensive line pump on the market! Not only that, it is also one of the most well equipped pumps with standard features such as an automatic greasing system, casted steel hopper with agitator included, vibrating grid, and radio remote with volume control. In addition, there is a list of rather innovative optional accessories like an attachable power washing system designed to run off the hydraulic pump as well as an available chemical additive pump for doing shotcrete. Yes, the Booster20 can do shotcrete! To top it off, it has a fully insulated and lockable hood making it immensely quiet and secure. With features, fit and finish like these, the Booster20 truly is the Ferrari of Concrete Pumps.


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